High Voltage Portable Stun Gun and Flashlight - 10 Million Volts

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Right up alongside a pocket knife and some duct tape, a flashlight is just about one of the most useful pieces of equipment to keep close by at all times. This High Voltage Stun Gun and Flashlight is bringing that usefulness factor to a whole new degree.

At just over 7 inches in length, this little tactical package is the perfect size for those in law enforcement, security or for personal safety use, adding a considerable amount of light when needed and although it might be small this tool packs quite the punch delivering over 10 Million Volts from the stun gun!!!

That amount of power is certain to take the legs out from any would-be attackers. Made from weapon-grade aluminum for maximum durability, this Flashlight/Stun Gun features a fully rechargeable battery with charger, a convenient carrying case and a safety button to make sure you don't accidentally unleash its unbelievable amount of raw power. Hopefully you'll never have to use 10 Million Volts, but it's nice to know that you can if you need to.


  • Constructed from Weapons-Grade Aluminum
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Fully rechargeable battery
  • Delivers over 10 Million Volts
  • Perfect for Professional or Personal Safety
  • Includes Carrying Case and Charger
  • Safety switch functions: Bottom (all functions off), middle (LED light on), top (stun gun mode)

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