Electronic Pulse Massager with 4 Massager Pads

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Finally, these state-of-the-art electronic massagers are available to the general public. Because of their price, these were only available in chiropractor and doctor office and rehabilitation centers. If you ever had to visit a rehabilitation center due to some sort of physical injury, you remember a technician applying these pads on your problem area and leaving you for 15 minutes and then charging you for a visit. Now you can do this at home.

Whether your pain originates in the nerve, muscle, or both, the massager offers you a simple, cost-effective solution. The proven, small, and powerful unit can be used at home or away as it is both portable and light weight. This combo unit sends tiny electrical impulses that override the pain signal to the brain.

It has all the power of a clinical unit, yet it very portable - it can be worn (or even hidden) under clothing all day long if needed. You can help control your pain by simply adjusting the pulse width, pulse rate, and intensity - customizing the best and most comfortable pain relief settings for you.

Help yourself live pain-free without the headache of an expensive and tedious visit to a technician. Get one of these great machines!

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