Freedom Stick 3G/4G USB Hotspot w/ Free Wireless Internet

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Get instant 4G/3G wireless internet for your laptop with the Freedom Stick 250U. When on the go, your laptop will have access to the FreedomPop data network for 500MB of 100% free high-speed, 4G wireless internet each month. And now with the 250U, when you're not in an area with 4G coverage, you can take advantage of FreedomPop’s nationwide 3G as well.

With your connected laptop, you'll be able to make VoIP calls, stream music, and watch videos wherever you go! Using FreedomPop’s fast, free data network, the Freedom Stick 250U can save you hundreds of dollars per year by helping you to cut out your existing voice and data plans. FreedomPop is the nation’s first wireless internet provider committed to delivering 100% free high-speed internet to its customers!

Check here for available 3G/4G coverage

Yugster members get an additional 500MB Bonus when activating their device here


  • Fast Speeds – Enjoy 4G wireless internet (10x faster than 3G)
  • Free Data – Get 500MB FREE every month, no questions asked
  • Earn additional FREE monthly data when you refer your friends
  • Install connection manager software
  • Plug, play and get online fast
  • Compact - fits in your pocket so you can take it anywhere you go
  • No cables or charging required
  • Dedicated to one device at a time
  • Operating systems supported: Windows, MAC OS® (up to Lion), and Linux based PCs

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