DigiPower Charge Cards for Apple 30-Pin or MicroUSB Devices

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Keep the Digipower ChargeCard for Apple devices with you for a quick battery recharge when you need it most. The built in Apple 30-Pin charging cable or Micro USB and super-thin design makes the ChargeCard an ultimate travel companion.  For those that have ever had their phone die on a business trip, at a moment they really needed a phone, or just the heavy smartphone user this is the perfect portable and small power pack charger for your smartphone. The all new Digipower Chargecard will power your Android or micro-USB smartphone for hours, or give you an extra charge when you're in need -- without hurting your wallet.

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When we say the ChargeCard won't hurt your wallet you can see what we mean from the pictures. Not only is it extremely small and portable being barely bigger than a credit card -- small enough to fit in your wallet, but it also won't break the bank. The tiny and portable ChargeCard is actually a 680mAh rechargeable battery and takes about 45 minutes to fully charge, from there you can power your smartphone up to a 1/2 charge (or up to 7 hours of extra talk time).So get the extra power you need with the DigiPower Charge Cards today!


  • High capacity battery pack for Apple 30-Pin (iPhone 4/4S & older) and Micro USB devices  
  • Fold out iPhone connector cable or micro USB cable connects to your device
  • Single button for on/off status
  • Ultra compact, the size of a credit card
  • Leather look finish

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