Plugster's Junk Box XXXIII - Everyone Wins Edition!

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If you like to win, then this edition of the famous Plugster's Junk Box is for you! Aside from getting at least 5 items in this deal, you're guaranteed to win even more in our latest Plugster's Junk Box.

Everyone who buys this junk box will win a Gift Card!  Gift cards that will be awarded include (3) $100 and (4) $50 Gift Cards from Apple, Amazon or Yugster (winners will get to choose which one they want!),  and everyone wins a $2 Yugster Gift Card, which never expires. So you'll win at least a $2 Yugster Gift Card toward any future purchase, and possibly a $50 or $100 gift card from Apple, Amazon, or Yugster. But you will also be in the running to win more junk! And who wouldn't want more junk?

Several hundred lucky Junk Box buyers will win up to 7 more items added to the 5 already in their junk box!  Yes, there are Winners Galore!  

And that isn't even the end of the winnings. We love junk, and so we love giving extra bonuses and suprises to other junk-lovers! Hundreds of junk-junkies that bought the last junk box received up to 12 total items, rather than just the 6 items that were announced.  There were also (4) iPad winners!  And not too long ago, we delivered a whole pallet of junk to a customer! It took a half hour to unload all of those boxes of junk, and it probably took a half day for the customer to open it all! They're probably a big Ebay seller now.

Don't forget that it’s a junk box. Who doesn’t love junk? Nothing used, nothing broken, all guaranteed new junk! Quit dumpster-diving and grab one of these.

Yours Until Gone!

The winners of the $100 and $50 Gift Cards will be announced in the daily email on Wed, April 23rd. Everyone's $2 Yugster Gift Card will also be issued via email on April 23rd, if not sooner. Be sure to check your email that day to see if you're the winner! Also, if you like free stuff, make sure you're entered to win the Apple iPad Mini Sweepstakes.


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